hardwood floor installation illustration

A new installation can take between one and five days depending on the square footage of the total area. Kepp in mind that if you select an unfinished hardwood flooring additional time is required to finish the floor. It usually takes one day to install 300 square feet of flooring. In addition, it depends if there are any special considerations like patterns, medallions, borders, edges and staircases. One of our sales representatives will be able to assist you in estimating your specific floor needs.

Staining and Finishing

hardwood floor staining illustration

To stain a floor it is first important to remove the old finish and stain. The way to do this is to sand the floor. In most cases if the old floor has not been sanded before it is not a problem. A floor can only be sanded a certain number of times since each such job makes the floor thinner. Once the floor is sanded it is ready to be stained and finished. In most cases the entire job takes 3 to 4 days since each coat needs about one day to dry and be ready for the next coat. The floor can be sanded and stained on the first day and at least two coats of a finish of your choice need to be applied in day two and three. In most cases floor refinishing is done when tenants are away from home or before they move in.


hardwood floor sanding illustration

Sanding is usually the first step in refinishing a hardwood floor because the old finish and stain need to be removed. Even though we use top of the line equipment there is always dust present during this phase. If sanding is done in a home that is occupied it is important to seal all other rooms of the house to prevent dust from entering. Our service professionals make sure everything is sealed and protected before starting a job.

Floor repairs

hardwood floor repair illustration

Repairs on a hardwood floor range from fixing simple superficial nicks and scratches to fully replacing floor boards. We provide all types of repair services. Most repairs do not take more than a day but it is often needed to match the stain and finish on board replacements. Each repair job is very unique so it is impossible to know the duration of the job without physical inspection.

Tool repairs

hardwood floor repair illustration

Need to fix your equipment? In our flooring tool repair center we specialize in the repair and maintenance of tools for the installation and refinishing of flooring. Our knowledgeable repair technicians can get your tools diagnosed and repaired quickly and effectively. We also offer tools, parts and accessories to satisfy all your equipment needs.