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General Wood Floor Questions

Can I get brochures about different floor types from you?

Yes. Our store and showrooms carry brochures for most of the manufacturers we carry so be sure to ask one of our sales representatives.

Do I get warranty on hardwood floor products purchased from Queensboro Flooring and how long does it last?

On all new installations our customers receive two types of warranties. One is the installation warranty on labor which is honored by Queensboro Floor Service Inc. The second warranty is usually available through the floor manufacturer. These warranties can be obtained by registering your new floor with the manufacturer of your floor. These warranties can range from 15 to 30 years.

Will my wood floor have color variations?

Absolutely. The boards that make up your hardwood floor are 100% natural and therefore each board has different patterns and color gradations. You will never find two boards that look the same just like no two fingerprints will ever match. That's what gives a hardwood floor it's uniqueness and beauty.

Is it normal to hear a squeaking or popping noise when I walk on my wood floor?

Normally, if it's a good installation, your floor should not be making any noises. Often with age wood floors may develop noises in some places, but those are usually due to uneven sub-flooring or incorrect adhesive that was used to install the floor. New floor installations done by Queensboro Flooring will not cause any noise. Most noise problems with wood flooring are easily corrected and we can help you with that.

My hardwood floor has discoloration in places. Is this normal?

Wood floors age over time and their color will go through the normal aging process as the floor reacts to sunlight, traffic and other factors. If any part of your floor remains covered for a long time, like an area rug, for example, the aging process will be uneven and you may notice that the coloring is not the same in such areas.

Should I be concerned about high traffic areas?

Generally not because finishes from our manufacturers or the finishes we use are of the highest quality and are very durable. We sell and install floors for commercial use too. However, it is recommended to use floor mats in areas that have a lot of pivoting and in door entrances. Examples include in front of a refrigerator, sink or at an office desk.

Can I install a hardwood floor in my bathroom?

It is not recommended to install wood flooring in any room that has exposure to a lot of moisture.

How do I protect my floor from heavy furniture?

We recommend using felt protecting pads under the legs of all your furniture. This is especially true with furniture that will be moved frequently such as chairs, armchairs and tables.

Should I use area rugs directly on my hardwood floor?

No, it is recommended that a breathable underlay with a grid pattern is used. This can be purchased in most carpet and rug stores.

How did dents occur in my floor?

Hardwood floors are made from trees. They are a natural product and have a cellular structure. With enough pressure in spots dents will occur. An example may be when a heavy object like a refrigerator is rolled on the floor. That's why you should always protect the floor when moving heavy objects.

How do I protect the floor during a move?

We recommend using a 1/4 inch board in areas that heavy furniture and other heavy items will be rolled or dragged. It is always better to roll things on carts to reduce friction, even if the floor is protected.

Installation Questions

Is it better to install unfinished or pre-finished flooring?

It is really a matter of personal preference. Each method has its own advantages. Installing a finished floor is faster and guarantees a healthier environment. The warranty may also be better on finished flooring. however, installing unfinished flooring makes sense if you are trying to match it to a floor that already exists and you will be staining the floor.

Maintenance Questions

Should I use wax on a urethane floor?

Yes waxing can be done but it is not generally recommended for several reasons. Once a floor is waxed it may need to be re-waxed on regular basis for maintenance. Wax may make it difficult on future coating applications and it can also make the floor slippery.

Is it difficult to maintain a hardwood floor?

No. Hardwood floors are easier in maintenance than other floor types such as ceramic, vinyl or carpet

Where can I get the right maintenance products for my floor?

We carry many maintenance products for hardwood floors. However, the products you need depend on the floor you have. Contact us and one of our sales representatives will be happy to recommend the best product for your floor.

Can I use a mop with soap and water to clean my wood floor?

We do not recommend this. Ask one of our representatives for the best product to clean your specific floor.

Service Questions

Can I refinish my hardwood floor?

Yes Queensboro Flooring provides floor refinishing services through its sister company. Call us to get a free estimate.

I have some damage on my floor. What can I do about it?

On small nicks and chips or even scratches, there are methods to fill them and stain to make the damage less or non visible. With severe damage we can replace specific boards. Each type of damage requires us to look at it and estimate the best solution for fixing it.